Posted by: BigWin | May 3, 2010

Prep Work for Photographing Banff

So I have set out to give myself a more thorough education on photographing in the outdoors. Mainly focusing on sunrise, sunset, landscapes and high contrast  lighting situations since the Canada trip will likely have a lot of bright snow, blue skies and tricky landscapes. Thanks to the internet, I have found a few great lessons to start out with. Here’s a recap of some of the videos I have been watching. They are all short and most only have one or two tips, but that makes it easy to digest and I can keep the notes consolidated on a notepad that I will be taking with me.

Marc Silber has some great videos about photographing landscapes and getting the whole story.  His site has some very interesting videos as well, but not related to my mission so I didn’t let myself get too distracted.

Some tips from the trail as Marc walks along the JMT.

Shooting in the snow, setting exposure correctly. Good tip. It’s hard when you can’t practice some of these shots before you are actually in it, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Nature photography tips

Tony Sweet is a master.

Graduated ND filters. Love how it darkens the mountains and yet shows the detail.

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