Sue, Al, Julie, the girls and I packed up and drove into the city for the annual National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s (NOCC) 3 mile walk to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer.

We started doing this hike in 2005 when Julie’s mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and have done it every year since. This event was always a big deal for us when she was here to walk with us and is even a bigger deal now, since it’s a day to remember her.

It was a lot easier to attend the walk when it was held in Naperville, IL, but since they have moved it to the city (Belmont Harbor area), it has become a big logistical pain with getting there, parking, etc. On the positive side, moving to the city seems to have gotten more people involved since the number that showed up this year seemed bigger than in earlier years. Our two-hour trip through traffic was not how we would have liked to have started the day, but we arrived just in time for the 10 am start. As a result of our tardiness, we missed the opening ceremony where they march all the survivors onto a stage for a picture which is always a highlight.


Normally we would spend some time in all the different tents and enjoy seeing everyone with their families and friends. We didn’t have time for that this year and the mood after the long car ride didn’t really lead to a very heart-felt experience like we have had in past years. Adding to this was that we knew that thanks to a 12:05 Cubs game, traffic on the way home wouldn’t be any better.

For next year, I think we need a little better planing with regards to construction on I-90. We miss you Linda!