Gonna rise up. Find my direction magnetically.

Banff / Jasper – Pictorial

I finally got around to getting most of the pictures posted. I have two sets below: the first is just a ‘best of’ that I think shows the best nature shots I took, and the second shows more of what it was like to travel 4600 miles in 2 weeks with the family.


  1. Tina

    One of my favorite pictures is the new version of Flat Stanley! Awesome!

  2. Becky

    Ryan! Nice pictures… I put you in my blogroll!

    • rdobson

      Thanks Becky! thetinytyrant is really well done. I’ve been subscribed for a while, although your blog has made me sad lately.

      • Becky

        Awww, I’m sorry about that…. I’ll try to perk it up a bit, then!

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