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Mini cucumbers are in!!

Garden update, July edition.

Today we got to eat the first edible item from the backyard garden. Mini cucumbers accompanied tonight’s dinner. Odd little things. I picture them always being compared to their bigger, juicier, older brother and never quite measuring up. It was interesting to think about the life of this little cucumber while I was eating it and all the things we did to make it happen. Julie had a huge smile on her face and from the looks of the yard, we will have a couple hundred of these little suckers coming in over the next couple of weeks so she better like them.


  1. Queen B

    Holy crap, batman! Next year you have to do some vertical supports so it’ll be easier to mow your lawn! Did you plant any tomatoes? We’re gonna have a bumper crop…

  2. rdobson

    No tomatoes. I take it you planted some? Maybe we can arrange a veggie swap of some type…

    Yes, we need to plan a little better next year, the pumpkins have these little tentacles that grab the lawn and hold on for dear life!

  3. Queen B

    I’m all about the trade…. I think we will have at least a thousand tomatoes, if I can keep CC from eating them straight from the plant!

  4. Mom

    There’s a great bread and butter pickle recipe in the Dobson Family Cookbook that’s pretty easy when you get tired of those raw little darlings. Also your great-grandmother’s recipe for cucumber and onion salad is excellent. We’ll probably have it in Florida, because Uncle Bruce is fond of it. Happy harvest! Love, Mom

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