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Music de femme

The girls had a recital this past weekend and did a great job. It’s really amazing to see the complexity of some of the pieces that Maddie is working on. She needs a kick in the pants now and then to practice, but what kid doesn’t?? She really has progressed a lot in the few years that she has played. It was nice to see her play and she did a great job.

Brooke is a rocker and provides a nice contrast to Maddie’s more tame piano. The crowd at the guitar/drum recital was much more riled up which made the 2 hour recital duration go by quicker. Brooke asked to go last and her teacher granted her wish. It would have kept the anxiety down with the folks I was sitting with if we were informed of her volunteering since the general thought was that she just kept getting passed over when they were selecting who would go next. She did an awesome job and smiled almost the whole time she was up on stage. I wish I would have gotten a shot of her in her Christmas dress (what she wanted to wear) next to all the other drummers because that was entertaining as well.


Maddie, The Gondola

Maddie, In The Hall of the Mountain King

Brooke, Tripple B’s Blues

Brooke, Let’s Get This Party Started

Now if I can just get Julie to sing, get myself to pickup the guitar (again) and get a mac so I can record it all on Garage Band, we might just have something. It’s nice to know that despite my obvious lacking in the musical talent department, the rest of my family makes up for it.


  1. Queen B


  2. Jess

    Love it!! They are so darn cute!

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