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Day 1 – Foam board and first wall

Day 1 – Foam board and first wall

Today’s goal was to get all the foam board up and start some of the framing. Mission accomplished. I got an early jump on the foam board and then had help from my father and mother-in-law to finish it off. The timing allowed for us to keep going and get the framing done on the one 2×4 wall that we have. In order to maximize the square footage available in our small basement, I decided to go with 2×2 framing everywhere it made sense. This pretty much meant everywhere except on the main tv/cabinet/entertainment system wall.

start of the day / end of the day

With that wall done, I move on to do a few of the smaller 2×2 walls tomorrow and then get help finishing up the framing on Monday. I am happy with the progress and we didn’t run into any serious issues. I did discover that the walls that I thought were painted white actually have some type of plaster-esk coating on them. A little disturbing considering I glued the foam board right to it, but I didn’t really have an option.

I am totally out of 2x4s which means I mis-calculated a little and will need to grab a few more from depot when I go. I may make a run tomorrow night after I am done with basement work for the day.

A good friend was over for dinner last night and made a most excellent suggestion for the basement. When I was explaining the layout and where the TV would go, he suggested looking into getting a projector instead of an LCD TV. After doing a little research early this morning, I think the idea has a lot of merit. I’ll keep looking around a bit, but I am pretty convinced that this is the way to go for what I want to do. Great suggestion Ramesh! I can set the projector back about 12′ from the front wall which would give me a significantly larger screen than I could afford to do with an LCD. The screen size at that distance would be around 80″ wide and 44″ tall. The equivalent of a 90″ LCD TV. Woot! It will be great to watch the Ravens beat the Packers in Feb. on that screen.

TV Wall

Found these pics of Julie and girls destroying the last of the walls put up by the previous owner.



  1. Jess B

    Nice job! I look forward to hearing how its going & seeing the pics! I told Leo that you were going to finish the basement in 2 weeks…he just raised an eyebrow at me. I said – hey – if anyone can do it – Ryan can!

    • rdobson

      Thanks Jess… I actually have an update from yesterday’s activities, but I hurt my forearm and didn’t feel like typing last night after the frustrating day in the basement. I’ll have an update tonight. Most of the framing should be completed by the end of the day. Ahead of plan.

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