Tool Demo

One of the best parts of any project is getting new tools. My new tool for this project is a Ramset which uses a small amount of gun powder to shoot a nail into concrete. If you have ever drilled into concrete to set those blue screws, you know what a pain that can be and why this new tool is so badly needed. The Ramset is $25 and ammo/nails will run you another 10-15 for a 100 count. Not bad at all, and have a mentioned how much fun this thing is to fire? It can be frustrating at times when the pin doesn’t engage right and you end up hitting the damn thing 4-5 times with no bang… but on the whole, it works great and saved me tons of time.

Here is a video of me using it. Two things to note about the video.

  1. Julie didn’t feel the need to tell me that I had a small piece of sawdust in my hair before we shot it.
  2. I should have been wearing my safety glasses. I may have fired this thing 120+ times in the past 4 days and this is the only time I can remember not wearing them. Doh!