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Day 5 – Electric begins

Day 5

I had a dentist appt. and a meeting I needed to dial into for work so I had a late jump on things today. Since the framing was finished up yesterday, I decided to dive right into the electric. The electrician came over last night and we talked for an hour about the plan and what I could get started on before he shows up on Thursday. We will be adding two circuits for the basement. One 15 amp for the lights and another 15 amp for the outlets. There are a total of 9 outlets, 8 6″ can lights, 1 new light at the top of the stairs along with a three way switch, and 2 dimmers at the bottom of the stairs. One is a three way dimmer that goes along with the switch at the top of the stairs and controls the stairwell light as well as two of the cans at the bottom of the stairs. The other dimmer controls the 6 cans in the larger area of the basement. We are running almost everything with BX, thank God!

Today I wired 6 of the outlets and all the cans. When Craig shows up tomorrow, we should be able to start right away on the more challenging part of the job.

One other thing I am putting in is a run of 1.5″ PVC pipe so I can pull ethernet, cable, etc. at any point going forward (see picture below). The pipe runs from the front wall to a location in the back of the room where the projector will hang. From there, it makes a turn and then ends up being open to the laundry room. I’ll throw some string in there as I am putting it up so I can easily pull new cables in the future. It adds some extra work, but it will make things MUCH easier down the road and I won’t have to open up any walls.

We have a big storm forecasted for tomorrow so Julie is picking up the drywall lift from a friend tonight (BIG THANKS). Hopefully it won’t hold up the electrician… if that happens, I guess I am starting drywall tomorrow!! I have two walls I can rock now if I needed to get going. I also have a good friend coming over tomorrow night to help carry the 36 sheets of drywall from the garage into the basement. Again, if the weather is really bad, I’ll be hauling a few sheets down and then wait for him to come over on Friday. Yikes… lots of things coming together in the next two days. Oh yeah, add to that Julie’s father coming over again with his friend Jim Friday morning. Woot!

Last thing… I learned two new terms yesterday: gem box and madison hangers. Always learning…. always learning. Thanks Craig.

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  1. Mike

    Progess looks great! The PVC pipe run will be a life saver in the future. They should be a feature that is built into the homes between floors.

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