Quick update

We spent Saturday and Sunday doing more prepping of the ceiling (additional framing that was needed to make sure that the seams would be sufficiently supported when the drywall was hung) and hanging the ceiling. We used 5/8″ drywall to meet code, but also to help deaden the sound from upstairs even more.

With that done, we were able to get going on the walls pretty quickly today. No major issues and I had a lot of help from a friend of my father-in-law and my Dad. At the end of the day we finished it with only a few sheets remaining to go up… mostly on the main wall in the room. The first thing we will tackle tomorrow is the hardest sheet in the room… it has one outlet, the outlet box being used for the speaker cables, and the 1.5″ PVC port for the cable run.

We went to Depot tonight to check out some carpet samples and I think we are very close on a color for the walls. It occurred to me while we were hanging the ceiling this weekend that this is going to be a LOT of taping and sanding. This prompted me to ask a few folks for drywall finishing referrals which resulted in Hugo coming over today and having a look at the basement. Hopefully I can get a quote tomorrow and get a crew out here asap.

If there is one area of a project this size to hire out, it’s the drywall finishing. After you put in all the effort to get to this point, you realize that the hardest and most challenging part for the amateur DIYer still remains. A good drywall job is so hard to do and takes so long if it’s not something you do often… I’m hoping this comes through or I will start the mudding tomorrow night. YIKES!!

10 days ago