Materials Have Arrived

We got our delivery of goods from Home Depot today. They showed up around 9 and they were out and done in less than 20 minutes. They threw on a few more sheets of drywall to account for a few that got damaged so the total drywall count was 36 sheets. 20 1/2″  and 16 5/8″.

I also noticed while taking apart the package that I screwed up… kind of. I must have given them the skew for the 7′ 2x4s instead of the 8′ because that is what I got. I doubled check the delivery sheet and it had the 7′ pieces listed. This is one case in which having a lower ceiling in the basement paid off because it turns out that I needed those 2x4s to be about 81.5″ once you subtract for the top and bottom plate of the wall. Close call… but so far, no screw ups!!! Yeah for me!!!

For $60, this is the best deal I have found at Home Depot. You only need to give them one day notice and then hand them the list of skews and quantities. Very easy and makes the start of this project way easier.