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Carpet, at last!

One step closer

After weeks of trying to figure out what to do with the basement floor, we finally made a call and finished it off yesterday. Our original plan was to have carpet installed by Home Depot, but after we found some ‘environmental’ concerns during the install/inspection process, we needed to consider alternatives.

Out of all the options, we ended up going with 2′ carpet squares made by Simply Seamless. It has a decent carpet pad on it and the quality of the actual carpet is a step up from what we were going to get installed by HD. The installation went pretty quick and between Friday night and a few hours Saturday morning, we got it all wrapped up. The room now has a definite ‘finished’ feeling to it. I have some minor moulding work to finish up and then there is the big cabinet system on the back wall, but it feels good to have the basement now in a state that is ready for daily use.

You can see the vinyl tiles we had to put down because the previous home owner had removed a bunch of the 9″x9″ tiles and just left the concrete. There was a lip between the tiles and the concrete that could be felt through the carpet when we put down a test piece.


  1. Pete

    The NARC game took all my quarters when I was a youth. I’m jealous.

    • rdobson

      It’s actually a mame machine in a narc cabinet.

  2. Bauer52x

    Very nice job, how are the tiles holding up. Do you have many seams or gaps? Also can you notice the squares, or did everything blend together nicely. We are thinking of doing this, but also adding a 3/8 pad under nearth.

    • rdobson

      Floor is holding up great. Still feels good and no peel-up issues, etc. with the squares we bought, I don’t think you really need any more padding. Good luck!

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