A year and a half ago I started looking into how I could hookup an mp3 player to our 2005 Honda Odyssey. Scouring the internet didn’t lead to much as the iPod interface provided by Honda was only for newer models and I didn’t want to replace the head unit. There is this awesome button named Aux on the head unit that you would think would be a great place to hook up the iPod/iPhone.

The problem is that you cannot get access to this aux by taking out the head unit and running a cable. This Aux is for some device, like a playstation, that you can plug into inputs that are located in the hand rest of way back seat of the van. So my cheapest option by far is to just run a cable from the back of the van to the front and use it for the iPhone hookup. I did this and it worked OK, but today I figured I would pretty it up a little and decided to hide all the wiring under a bunch of trim/carpeting in the car in order to make it look nearly invisible.

I thought about drilling a hole into this hand rest to run the RCA cables through and make them totally hidden, but figured I would wait on that. This is the only visible piece that was left when I was done. The cable run to the floor is all that is left.

I didn’t have much choice since I needed more length, I had to run a 6′ RCA cable to the 6′ RCA to 1/8″ plug and connect them in the middle of the run. I had to destroy the RCA male to male connector to just use the bare connectors instead of the plastic housing these usually have. This allowed me to tuck these into the trim that runs along side one of the doors.

And the final resting place of the cable. It comes out from under the carpet and floor mats right at the center console with just enough length to make it to the iPhone mounting bracket. I thought of a couple of other improvements while doing this like changing the end of this to be female and mounting it to the console, but for now, it works and the wife seems to like it.

Final Result (couldn’t figure out how to embed a video uploaded to Picasa, so you’ll have to click it):

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