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Utah, Sierras and 360 degrees

Doing some research for our upcoming trip out to CA this summer, I ran across this site that provides 360 degree panoramas of different areas in Utah. I looked around this site for 30 minutes and still can’t get enough. If these don’t convince you to put Canyonlands on your todo list, nothing will. Julie and I haven’t gotten this far East in our exploration of Utah, but it’s on the list and until then I’ll have to simply make due with these virtual attempts to be there.

Here are my favorite:

Mount Whitney part of the Sierra Mountains in California

In regards to the CA trip, an opportunity to possibly climb Mt. Whitney just came up so I did some searching on that as well. Wouldn’t you know it… some 360 degree panoramas of that as well.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7QtvUF8qso (video panorama)

We are also planning on taking the girls on their first backcountry trek (2 nights) during our visit to Yosemite. It’s turning out that while our first week will be the annual family reunion, the second week will be filled with adventure after adventure in the Sierras. Can’t think of a place I would rather be than in the mountains surrounded by my girls and family. SO PUMPED for this trip.

Somewhere in Utah

I got an email notification from my brother and dad from the spot that they are carrying with them. This cool GPS type device allows you to send out a ‘we are ok’ message to family and friends or a ‘we are in deep crap’ message to a central service that they dispatches local help. This thing is great and the coordinates it gave for their location are:

GPS location Date/Time:04/24/2010 15:40:12 GMT

Throwing that up on google maps, you get this:

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=104267311669100252934.000484fdba4a1a267ff71&ll=37.57268,-111.25769&spn=0,0&t=h&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

They were planning on going canyoneering, so I can only imagine that the canyon in the map is where they went. I woke up this morning thinking about what they were up to today and if they made it out alright. We’ll see where the spot reports their location next…

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